Past semester courses

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Courses offered in Autumn Semester 2016 by members of the Institute for Quantum Electronics.

Bachelor courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-2883-00L Physics III  J. Home

Master core courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0402-00L Ultrafast Laser Physics  L. P. Gallmann,
S. Johnson,
U. Keller
402-0442-00L Quantum Optics  J. Faist

Regular master courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0464-00L Optical Properties of Semiconductors  G. Scalari,
A. Imamoglu

Specialized master courses

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0415-62L Modern Topics in Terahertz Science  S. Johnson

Service lectures

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0043-00L Physics I  T. Esslinger
402-0053-00L Physics II  U. Keller
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