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The education programme of the Institute for Quantum Electronics spans a broad range of topics in fundamental and applied physics.

(Photo: ETH Zurich/D-PHYS Heidi Hostettler)

Our central objective is to educate students at all levels in the fundamentals of physics, optics and electronics, and to train them in advanced subjects on nonlinear optics, laser physics, ultrafast phenomena, high field physics and quantum optics, as well as in the emerging field of quantum information science. 

The institute contributes to the teaching of the basic physics course to physics students at the bachelor level and offers four “Kernfach” lectures:

  • Quantum Electronics (QEI - focus on laser physics and Fourier optics)
  • Quantum Optics (QEII - focus on quantum optics)
  • Ultrafast Laser Physics
  • Quantum Information Processing (jointly with LFKP and ITP)
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